Alaska Dive Cooperative Inc. is based in Petersburg Alaska, diver owned, and managed by volunteers. We specialize in the annual Southeast Alaska Sea Cucumber commercial harvest. Our purpose is to serve as an advocate for our fellow divers by offering consistent and fair prices that contribute to maintaining a balanced market. We take pride in producing a superior product from high quality sea cucumbers, hand picked from Southeast Alaska’s inland passages and coastline areas.

History – “The Coop”

“The Coop” first took form as Southeast Seafoods, Inc. in 2005. It was founded by Kurt Kvernvik and others in response to unsustainably low prices being offered to divers. Processing took place in the same OBI facility being used today, which was formerly, Icicle Seafoods.

Processing Manager/Broker – Ed Hisaw

Ed Hisaw has a long history in Petersburg, first finding work in town seining for salmon at the age of 19. Ed has made a career in Alaska within the fishing industry. He currently operates a vessel during the Bristol Bay Sockeye gillnet season. Ed has a deep knowledge of the Red Sea Cucumber industry – and was product manager during 14 accumulative seasons, as well as the primary broker for Southeast Seafoods, Inc.. With the formation of Alaska Dive Cooperative, Inc. in 2023 – we are lucky to have Ed return as one of the most experienced and diligent product managers for our niche Red Sea Cucumber fishery.

Facility – OBI Seafoods

Nestled under the picturesque view of Devils Thumb and surrounding icy peaks, OBI Seafoods has recently acquired the historic Icicle Seafoods cannery. The Alaska Dive Cooperative has secured an agreement for use of this facility during the sea cucumber fishery. With ample space, and robust access to power and equipment, ADC is anticipating an increase in capacity for 2023.


Meet Our Board

President – Alec Schramek

Alec was born and raised in Petersburg, AK. At age 15, Alec began his commercial fishing career trolling for salmon in SE with Jim Hammer. Commercial fishing during summers paid for his education, earning a MFA in Ceramics in 2009 from the highly regarded Alfred U. of NY. In 2011, Alec returned to Petersburg with a passion for diving, and purchased a sea cucumber dive permit.

“I have deep admiration for some of the early commercial divers I am fortunate enough to know. It was the alacrity, humor and great stories I experienced while working with Mike Bangs that fueled my early inspirations for this fishery.”

At 39, Alec has 24 years of experience in various fisheries and 11 seasons harvesting sea cucumbers. He owns and operates the F/V Carolyn L. for SE salmon trolling and the sea cucumber dive fishery.

“I was strongly encouraged to take on the challenge of this position. I decided this coop is something the fishery needs, and so I took the role. I’ve found it affirming during the process – that many of us have a mutual appreciation for the challenges and awesome experiences this fishery brings – and it’s that unique experience we share that can inspire us to work together, and stick together when the alternative puts us at risk to less than equitable rewards for our endeavors.”

Vice President – Greg Kendall

Greg began his commercial fishing career at 21. As a lifelong sport fisherman growing up in the Seattle area, he was drawn to the lifestyle of an Alaskan commercial fisherman. After a few years of experiencing the freedoms, challenges, and rewards fishing had to offer, he pursued his own fishing operation – focusing mainly on salmon gill net and sea cucumber dive fisheries. Greg owns and operates the F/V Surf Rider during the SE sea cucumber harvest and SE salmon gill net season.


“After 10 years diving in the sea cucumber fishery, it has become clear that an entity like the Alaska Dive Cooperative needs to exist. Keeping some market share in the hands of harvesters and their crew creates a necessary balance. I see this as an opportunity that will foster sustainability in the sea cucumber fishery for the years to come.”

Treasurer/Secretary – Jesse Agner

Jesse has lived in rural Alaska since before he was 1 year old, and has lived in Petersburg, Alaska since the age of six. He started commercial fishing in high school and has been seasonally employed in the industry for 20 years participating in salmon seine, salmon gillnet, herring seine, tanner crab, dungeness crab, brown crab, gray cod, black cod, and halibut fisheries throughout the state of Alaska . Jesse has harvested Sea Cucumbers for 8 seasons and owns and operates a bristol bay gillnetter. Jesse received a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Montana in 2010.


“I feel passionately that organizations such as this diver’s cooperative need to exist in order to combat a power inequity in the sea cucumber and other fisheries markets.  Due to the relative lack of transparency in processor’s financial realities and the small number of buyers compared to sellers it is virtually impossible for a competitive market to persist. Anecdotally it can be seen that years where the dive co-op has operated correlate to higher overall prices for all southeast Alaska cucumber fishermen. Furthermore, profit sharing increases overall value as it aligns the incentives of harvesters, processors, and customers resulting in a higher quality product. I have a home and family in Southeast Alaska and so find it imperative this industry stay profitable so that our way of life can continue to exist”